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MOTOR PLANit is a patent-pending software application that provides all the guidance you will need as a caregiver. Web-based and tablet application driven, the activities are conveniently laid out and easy to navigate. Pictorials and instructions for all activities are provided, and real time information is available throughout the class.

The MOTOR PLANit program makes it easy to track your child’s progress. You can take notes on your observations, gain insights into their development, and call attention to their achievements. Helpful tips, and informative resources are always at your fingertips. You will be able to see how far you’ve traveled, together, and easily soar to higher levels of success with MOTOR PLANit!

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The Mission

Focused on your child’s specific needs!

MOTOR PLANit was developed with children of all abilities in mind! Outer space themed activities foster the achievement of developmental milestones that span across childhood. Strengthening these essential, foundational skills supports your child’s participation with school-based tasks, enhances performance in sports and encourages independence with self-care activities.

In addition, MOTOR PLANit provides excellent opportunities for children with special needs. Developed and designed by an occupational therapist with additional degrees and certifications in special education, autism services and developmental disabilities, MOTOR PLANit activities can further enhance specific areas of concern while offering a supplement or alternative to pediatric therapy services.

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Adventure Awaits

Each day, your child will be provided with one exciting activity to complete in each of the following categories:



Fine Motor

Visual Skills

With each activity presented, caregivers will be provided with a breakdown of why the activity was designed, how to modify it to meet your child’s individual needs, the skills it addresses and additional home carry over tasks and games to further enhance their skills! The possibilities, your child’s growth and your fun together are endless!

Weekly, you and your child will be also presented with a fun project designed to enhance their sensory processing abilities. This activity will be utilized throughout the week. Each activity is designed to enhance your child’s sensory awareness through play-based activities that heighten their sense of touch, sight, hearing, taste and movement!

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Prepare for liftoff

It’s time to prepare for your space journey! MOTOR PLANit is a software-based program that can easily be utilized on a home computer, Ipad, tablet or even your smartphone. Activities were developed with everyday household items in mind, or those that can be acquired from your local grocery or dollar store. In order to assist you in preparing for your mission, required supplies and materials will be listed in advance on your dashboard.


What is MOTOR PLANit?

MOTOR PLANit is a powerful, developmental program designed to enhance your child’s skills in the areas of strength, coordination, fine motor, visual motor, visual perception and sensory processing. Our software-based program offers fun, motivating activities designed to challenge your child’s abilities. By strengthening foundational developmental skills, your child will experience greater success and independence with school tasks, sports, daily living activities and play skills! With all the tools and information you need to navigate Motor Planit in the palm of your hand, let’s prepare for lift off!

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Out of this world, developmental fun within your home base!

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developed by the Talcott Center for Child Development